Volunteering with Team4Tech

Interested in applying to volunteer on a Team4Tech project? View our open projects and click here to submit an application now. We will keep your application on file and contact you when we have a project that aligns with your skills and areas of interest. See also our FAQ for technology companies and our FAQ for volunteers.

For Individual Volunteers:

Participation in a Team4Tech project enables you to use your technology skills to expand educational opportunities for students around the world through a life changing, dynamic two-week engagement assisting a nonprofit organization in a developing country. From setting up computer labs and training master teachers in Kenya and Tanzania, to teaching computer programming to orphans in Vietnam, to teaching entrepreneurship in India, Team4Tech has a project to leverage your business and technology experiences to help global nonprofits rapidly ramp up programs and kick-start opportunities for thousands of students.

The most important volunteer qualifications are adaptability, team orientation and a desire to help others. The tax-deductible program fee (fundraising support is available) covers all project expenses (except airfare) and helps support the $15,000 grants made to our partner nonprofits. Team4Tech offers projects for individual volunteers, building a team with individuals from various high tech companies; as well as custom projects for partner companies. If you think your company might be interested in a Team4Tech partnership, please let us know and share the information below with your supervisor or a member of your HR team.

For Partner Companies:

Team4Tech creates custom service learning programs for tech companies seeking an easy and affordable way to provide employees with a professional development experience that leverages their technology and business skills to expand global education opportunities. Our project training incorporates human-centered design methods and leadership development through service learning. Bring to life your company values and CSR goals, and support HR recruiting, retention, and staff development objectives, with a Team4Tech immersive, short-term (10-14 days) service learning experience for employees.

You agree to lend us your employees and fund their project costs — and Team4Tech will handle the screening, training and project management, and connect your team with a global organization that needs their skills. This model, developed by our founders, has proven itself in more than 60 projects around the world, from solar-powered schools in Zambia to rural orphanages in Vietnam. Beyond the social good, employee benefits include leadership development, human-centered design training, and increased understanding of emerging markets. We can also match your team with projects that can benefit from your product donations, if this is an area of interest. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to explore options with you.

Tax Deductibility of Contributions

Team4Tech Foundation is a public charity, described by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In most cases, contributions by US citizens to support projects sponsored by Team4Tech are tax deductible, and under certain circumstances, volunteers may deduct volunteer participation contributions as well as reasonable out-of-pocket expenses including transportation to and from implementation/deployment sites.

Contributions of cash, securities, and other properties to implement technology supporting education are wholly tax-deductible within the United States. Please note that contributions are tax deductible only upon completion of giving, and that your payment(s) towards a volunteer Team4Tech deployment may be tax deductible only after you have volunteered on the project. Team4Tech recommends you consult your personal tax advisor on all issues concerning tax deductibility.

Interested in signing up as a Team4Tech volunteer? Click here to submit an application or contact us if you have any questions and read on for additional program details.

What to Expect

We deploy teams of five to 15 technology professionals for two weeks at time, matching them to projects with accredited non-profit organizations working to advance education in developing countries. You can rest assured that any project we support has been fully vetted for volunteer safety and security, as well as sustainable impact over time. We select volunteers on a best-fit basis, which means finding the right match between the volunteer’s technical, training and language skills and the skill set required by a particular project. The typical volunteer engagement spans three to four months, from initiating the application, to participating in the preparation and training, to implementing the project:

  • Training (8 weeks — approximately 4 hours per week)
    We provide approximately eight weeks (may vary by project) of preparation and training to our volunteers, during which time we expect them to engage actively with their teammates and our non-profit client to develop a deployment plan. The expert mentors and proven resources that we make available to our teams help equip them to achieve breakthrough results. This phase is part-time, typically involving two to four hours per week of conference calls and offline homework. Volunteers can continue performing their usual jobs.
  • Deployment (2 weeks — full-time, including international travel)
    After the preparation and training phase, teams deploy for approximately two weeks to a developing country. Volunteers work closely with the non-profit organization’s local staff to carry out the project, which typically involves a blend of technology set-up, troubleshooting and training. Volunteers should expect this in-country time to be fun yet demanding, with project teams working 10 or more hours a day. However, the active engagement with on-site staff, teachers, students and parents — plus the fact that volunteers live in local conditions — allows them to experience life in a developing country in a deep, rich way. Volunteers on such projects often describe the experience as life-changing and profound — a "thrill of a lifetime" opportunity.
  • Debriefing (2 weeks — 4 hours per week)
    The two weeks after volunteers return home is a debriefing phase during which they share the results of their project with Team4Tech and the non-profit client. To help projects flourish, we ask teams to make recommendations for follow-up and suggest next steps for future teams. This debriefing process happens on the sidelines, allowing volunteers to resume their regular jobs.
  • Ongoing Engagement
    Once their two-month volunteer engagement is over, we invite Team4Tech alumni to serve as mentors and consultants for future project teams. Their ongoing participation in the Team4Tech community is both valuable and vital to ongoing project success.

Volunteer Requirements

To volunteer with Team4Tech, applicants should meet the following qualification criteria:

  • Possess relevant technical and/or training skills (for example, PC set-up and troubleshooting, networking, software installation and debugging, technical training, teacher training, entrepreneurship training)
  • Willingness to be flexible in terms of travel and problem-solving
  • Be team-oriented and possess a sound work ethic
  • Have the desire to learn and contribute
  • Feel comfortable working with adults and children
  • Demonstrate the discipline needed to complete project-related work
  • Pass a background check and be able to obtain legal permission to travel to relevant countries

In addition, the ability to speak at least some of the local language is helpful, but not an absolute requirement.