Teacher Training | World Vision


Teacher Training | World Vision

August 2015

Spark a Child’s Digital Future (SPARK) is a World Vision program, which implements Community Knowledge Centers to improve functional and digital literacy in primary schools in Tanzania and Kenya. The SPARK program includes teacher training, as well as a technology platform and delivery mechanism. It has rapidly spread to 31 schools in Kenya and Tanzania. The SPARK program’s low-cost, scalable education technology solutions have been cited by local officials as a “Model Program” for technology implementation in education.

This project was the third deployment from Team4Tech with World Vision. In this project, Team4Tech volunteers from Cisco, Facebook and Pinterest traveled to Tanzania for two weeks in August of 2015 and conducted two Teacher Academies in Singida and Arusha. In addition to pedagogical training, the project team provided assistance in hardware and software updates, and installation and maintenance training for the local staff. Overall, this program helped strengthen and extend training for five schools, and it helped introduce two new schools to the SPARK program, improving digital literacy, educational technology, and 21st century education methods. 

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