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Team4Tech co-founders, Julie Clugage and Lila Ibrahim, had a long, shared history of working together at Intel Corporation to advance education and economic development through technology. Early in their lives, they each witnessed the transformative power of education in expanding opportunities for underserved students – Julie through her work at a school in rural Guatemala, and Lila through her work at the orphanage in Lebanon where her father was raised. They brought together their shared passion for education to successfully launch the Intel Education Service Corps in 2009. This program sparked a movement among thousands of Intel employees from around the world who wanted to volunteer their time and expertise to improve education.

In September 2012, they had an idea … what if they could create a compelling platform to engage talented professionals from many different technology companies to advance educational opportunities for underserved students?

Team4Tech was born.

Team4Tech launched its first project in Kenya in May 2013 with five volunteers from Intel and four from VMware. The goal was to help the nonprofit organization, Orphans Overseas, implement an adaptive learning software solution to improve early literacy and numeracy for local primary school students. Within six months of project completion, participating first graders had more than doubled their literacy test scores.

Since this inaugural project, Team4Tech has continued to expand educational opportunities for thousands of underserved students by leading technology volunteers on projects around the world. Our projects are continuously evolving and improving based upon the dynamic inputs of our talented partners and volunteers.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Joyce Adolwa, Director of Education, CARE USA

Craig R. Barrett, Former CEO/Chairman of Intel Corporation

Martin Bean, Vice Chancellor and President, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

James Bernard, Global Director, Partners in Learning, Microsoft

Jennifer Graham Clary, CEO, North of Nine Communications

Helene Gayle, CEO, McKinsey Social Initiative

Bart Houlahan, Co-Founder, B Lab

Paul Kim, CTO, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University

Ruth Levine, Director Global Development, Hewlett Foundation


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Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

990 Forms

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award

Top 5 Nominees for the 5th Annual CLASSY Award