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Team4Tech offers support in the following formats:

Strategic Pro Bono

Building long term capacity with tech solutions and training.

  • 8 – 10 weeks
  • Up to 15 volunteers
  • Eligible for $15K grant

Skills for Impact

Targeted implementation for a specific technical need.

  • 4 – 6 weeks
  • Up to 5 volunteers

Design for Impact

Prototyping solutions for an organizational challenge.

  • 4 – 8 hours
  • Up to 100 volunteers

To build local capacity, nonprofits receive:

15,000 USD Tech Grant

A possible matching grant of up to 15,000 USD for our nonprofit partners to purchase the hardware, software, and other necessary infrastructure to meet program goals.

Technology Solutions

A collaborative spirit between Team4Tech, technology volunteers, and our nonprofit partners to identify relevant technology solutions (hardware, software, and content).

Implementation & Training

Employee volunteers from leading technology companies. Sustainability and maximal impact by focusing on teacher and staff training to reach more learners.

To ensure sustainable impact, nonprofits provide:

Matching Funds

The ability to match Team4Tech’s grant to purchase hardware, software, and other necessary technology infrastructure.

Dedicated Local Staff

Local staff that can actively engage before, during, and after the project to support scoping, logistical planning, hosting, implementation, and evaluation.

Ongoing Impact Assessment

The ability to define, measure, and evaluate program objectives.

“It quickly became apparent that (Team4Tech) was here to immerse themselves in our school. They were not here to save us but rather, to share and fully engage with our staff, children, and community.”

~ Andrew Carlson, Superintendent, Havre Public Schools, Montana

A Typical Project Timeline

  • Project Preparation

    Together with our nonprofit partner, Team4Tech refines the scope of work, determines project logistics, and defines the grant budget. The nonprofit collects baseline data. (4 months)

  • Project Implementation

    The nonprofit assists with program logistics and beneficiary management while Team4Tech pro bono consultants implement the project. (2-6 weeks)

  • Project Follow-Up

    The nonprofit is responsible for project sustainability, data collection, and planning with Team4Tech for subsequent projects. (1 year)

What We Do


Sample Projects

  • Teacher training on productivity tools, EdTech software, and maker mindset
  • Tech infrastructure assessment, training, and maker space set-up
  • Staff capacity building through communications, marketing, and operational plans

Sample Projects

  • Teacher training on productivity tools and EdTech software
  • Teacher mentorship to complete online certification courses
  • Translate curriculum to digital format and converting onto a learner management system
  • Create and set up chatbots to deliver learner content
  • Technical projects (e.g. data analysis and prediction, platform iterations, cybersecurity analysis and recommendation)
  • Update or create a website
  • Create short animations to augment learner content
  • Build marketing efforts (e.g. social media strategy, campaign implementation, brand development)
Short Term

Sample Projects

  • Discrete technical projects (e.g. website migration, domain migration, API integrations)
  • Resume/college essay review (provide feedback and edits for students)
  • Fundraising (advise on new fundraising initiatives and support execution for existing)
  • Content review (vet content and curate relevant solutions)
  • Career advice (provide guidance and support for students)
Teacher Training

Productivity Tools

Digital Literacy


Team4Tech provides teacher workshops on digital literacy, device protocols, and introduction to digital citizenship. Team4Tech also conducts teacher workshops on productivity and supplemental software such as Microsoft Suite or Google Suite.

Edtech Software

Core Subject


Team4Tech researches and recommends relevant education technology software that improve classroom engagement and core subject learning outcomes. Team4Tech provides teacher workshops on personalized learning – how to analyze student data to differentiate instruction.

Maker Mindset

Lifelong Learning


Team4Tech researches and recommendes relevant maker equipment to improve classroom engagement and learning outcomes. Team4Tech provides teacher workshops on the importance of project based learning and how to integrate the framework into their classrooms.

Tech Infrastructure

In addition to teacher training, we provide tech infrastructure to support partnership objectives:

Infrastructure Assessment


Team4Tech assesses current IT infrastructure, develops recommendations for infrastructure improvements, helps install equipment on-site, provides training to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, and crafts an IT investment and implementation plan. This could include networking and security implementation, and assisting with offline, low bandwidth IT infrastructure.

Continuous Training


Team4Tech assists with identifying IT vulnerabilities and provides more in-depth training for ongoing system-level IT maintenance.

Maker Space Set-Up


Team4Tech helps set up a maker space and crafts a strategic investment and implementation plan. Team4Tech assists with creating certification programs to increase employment opportunities.

Staff Capacity Building

Marketing and Operations


Team4Tech develops a communications and marketing plan for target audiences. Team4Tech observes existing operations before providing suggestions and solutions.

 To learn more about the research undergirding Team4Tech’s model, download our Solutions Roadmap.

Recent Projects

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