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Team4Tech partners with nonprofits for three to five years, to help realize the nonprofit’s goals related to technology integration for education impact. We spend three to four months in conversation with the nonprofit, defining the overall goals of the collaboration and the metrics to measure progress. Then we scope annual projects which typically involve 1300 hours of pro bono consulting and technology grants of up to $15,000. We ask the nonprofits to match the grant to demonstrate their shared commitment to the project.

On each annual project, we engage a team of pro bono fellows from leading technology companies with nonprofit staff to learn about the nonprofit’s needs. Together they design technology solutions and training to meet the goals of the nonprofit and the needs of the staff, the learners, as well as the local culture and context. The pro bono consultants then spend 1-2 weeks onsite (accompanied by a Team4Tech Program Director), working with nonprofit staff and teachers to implement the technology and building capacity to use the technology effectively in teaching and learning.

For all nonprofit partners, we require a commitment to regularly meeting with our Team4Tech Program Directors and reporting on key metrics based on the agreed upon project goals, such as improved learner outcomes, student engagement, and staff efficiency, to ensure progress towards sustainability and scale. 

To help us evaluate whether your organization could be a good fit for Team4Tech support, please provide us with a brief overview of your goals and an initial proposed project using the form below.

For more information on our criteria, processes and metrics, please consult our Call for Applications, Nonprofit Partner page, and Nonprofit Onboarding Kit.
Organizational Overview

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Program Description

Please list the 3 main goals you want to achieve with the Team4Tech program for the next 3-5 years

Please list the 3 main goals you want to achieve with this first Team4Tech project. These goals should tie into the 3 - 5 year program goals stated above.

Please select one or more of the populations that will benefit from the proposed Team4Tech program

How many beneficiaries will be impacted directly and indirectly by the project?

What languages are spoken by teachers, students and staff to be trained?

Please list the range of grade levels of the learners who will benefit from the Team4Tech program, e.g. Grades 8 - 12.

Please provide us with the names of the location(s) for the proposed Team4Tech program

Team4Tech volunteers are typically on-site for 1 - 2 weeks. What is the proposed start date for the in-country portion of the project?
Consent Agreement
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We agree to the following conditions around our collaboration with Team4Tech: