Kindergarten Pupils Trade Blackboards and Pens for Laptops

Joshua Gichira fires up his laptop, opens an application, selects a tab named “How Many” and begins counting the number of spirals on the screen.

“Nine!” shouts the five-year old and proceeds to click on the correct answer from the multiple choices given and a smile pops up on his screen to show he is right.

The mathematics lesson has just started and all the kindergarten pupils at Karibu Centre in Thika have their eyes trained on their 10-inch laptops, with their fingers busy on the touchpad.

The learners are seated in groups of five around a table and each is engrossed in the computer-based numeracy lesson.

These nursery school children have traded the traditional chalkboard, wall charts and textbooks with educational apps loaded on the laptops.

Karibu Centre, a co-educational day nursery school located about four kilometres from the industrial town of Thika, is pushing the limits of innovative learning with its early childhood development (ECD) computer education.

“Children learn better from younger ages. The laptops spark interest in learning and the children get to explore and learn on their own,” says Luke Kincaid, a director at Karibu Centre.