Julie Clugage: Global Heroes in Education

When Julie Clugage helped to establish Team4Tech last year with co-founder Lila Ibrahim, it was the culmination of more than 20 years of experience in education, technology and economic development. The fledgling organization acts as a catalyst for change by matching tech industry professionals, products and resources with accredited non-profit projects that aim to make a difference in the quality of education around the globe. And Clugage was well prepared for the challenge.

As global operations and communications manager for Intel Corporation’s Education Market Platforms Group, Clugage launched the Intel Education Service Corps, a service and career-development program that links Intel technology and 70 employees per year with non-profit organizations working to improve educational quality in developing countries. Before joining Intel, Julie worked in economic development at the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, USAID, and in a teacher training high school in rural Guatemala.

Says Clugage, “Our dream is to extend the model [established at Intel] across the tech community, particularly to mid-stage tech companies who have not yet engaged in international cross border volunteerism, and build an ever-growing community of change agents dedicated to expanding opportunities in developing countries. Looking at the future, Clugage has noted, “As our community grows, we will add more online discussion features to our site, allowing volunteers, alumni and their tech colleagues to share ideas and help the projects we are supporting achieve even greater impact. We will also enable our volunteers to crowd-source start-up funding for the NGOs looking to purchase technology, and create an offering of discounted edtech solutions for NGOs to draw upon as their needs require.”