What is my participation donation used for?

The project cost per volunteer is used to cover the following expenses:

  • In-country expenses including accommodations, meals, local transportation, and project implementation supplies.
  • Start-up matching grants of up to $15,000 for our NGO partners so that they can purchase the necessary hardware, software and peripherals needed to get their technology implementation up and running.
  • Team4Tech project management expenses including salary costs for those who are finding, vetting and developing potential projects; working with partners including NGOs, company partners, and volunteers; researching technology solutions and assessment tools; developing our leadership training curriculum, plus the typical lean start-up expenses of IT, phone, etc. When possible, we leverage donated office space, volunteer expertise, and pro bono support to keep costs as low as possible.

Additionally, donations support our scholarship fund that assists qualified volunteers who are not able to pay the full cost per project and/or alumni volunteers who participate as team coaches.