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Costa Rica

Curriculum Design, Training & Strategy | Paniamor Foundation

July 2016

The VMware team worked with Paniamor Foundation’s Tecnobus, a bus outfitted with a computer lab which serves underserved communities across the country. Paniamor Foundation, established in 1987, prevents violence, promotes policies, and creates social development programs for children and youth in Costa Rica. The Tecnobus program focuses on sharing knowledge about safe, responsible and productive use of ICTs, and helps strengthen Digital Citizenship and build inter-generational bridges across ICTs. Since 2005, Tecnobus has served more than 30,000 people from disadvantaged communities.

From July 2nd to July 9th, 2016, the VMware team worked non-stop on-site for a week to successfully build a new 8-week modular curriculum for the Tecnobus called "Creating My Success History." The curriculum's goal: inspire citizen storytelling through the practical use of technology and inspire youth to drive change in their lives. The VMware team gathered feedback from facilitators, youth, and parents to craft a relevant and engaging curriculum. They watched over 1,000 YouTube videos to select the best ones, and created a comprehensive curriculum package that had 8 workshops, 15 videos, 24 page curriculum document, and 85 supporting slides. To prototype their curriculum, the team tested the curriculum on the Tecnobus with youth from two disadvantaged communities - Orocai and Purral. 

In addition to the curriculum, the VMware team delivered optimizations to the technology infrastructure of the Tecnobus and engaged stakeholders in a proposal of the next generation Tecnobus strategy. The final debrief was amazing as we realized how much we all had grown as a team and as professionals during our week of service.

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