Is Team4Tech a nonprofit?

Yes. Team4Tech Foundation is a for-purpose social enterprise with a sustainable business model. It is a public charity, as described by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and our (EIN) is: 46-1135641. In most cases, contributions by US citizens to support projects sponsored by Team4Tech are tax deductible, and under certain circumstances, volunteers may deduct volunteer participation contributions as well as reasonable out-of-pocket expenses including transportation to and from implementation sites.
Contributions of cash, securities, and other properties to implement technology supporting education are wholly tax-deductible within the United States. Please note that contributions are tax deductible only upon completion of giving, and that your payment(s) towards a volunteer Team4Tech deployment may be tax deductible only after you have volunteered on the project. Team4Tech recommends you consult your personal tax advisor on all issues concerning tax deductibility.