Teacher Training | LEAP Science and Maths School

South Africa

Teacher Training | LEAP Science and Maths School

December 2016

This project was based at LEAP 6 School, which is located in Ga-Rankuwa, a township near Pretoria. During the 1.5 weeks (Monday, November 28 – Wednesday, December 7, 2016), the diverse team of nine volunteers, ranging in age from 23 years old to 76 years old, helped set up the school’s IT infrastructure, conducted IT Teacher Training Workshops, and inspired 159 Grade 8 - 12 learners with technology and entrepreneurship workshops.

After 6 weeks preparation and 1.5 weeks in-country, the team successfully helped increase teachers' efficiency. The teachers were empowered to use multi-media PowerPoint presentations to teach their lessons; they immediately applied their Excel skills to analyze their learners' results; and they were excited to use a wide range of educational software such as Google Cardboard to inspire the youth. When one of the teachers traveled to Dubai with Virtual Reality YouTube video, he said, "our school is transforming! When the school inspector comes next time, instead of handing a textbook about Dubai to him, I'm going to put a Google Cardboard to let him experience Dubai. He's going to be floored that this is a school for black South Africans."

While a few volunteers were working with teachers, other volunteers worked with learners on a wide range of educational software. LEAP 6 learners created music through Makey Makey, their own website through WordPress, Android applications through Scratch, and learned how to use individualized learning software such as IXL and KA Lite. 

In addition, two additional workshops were added to the project after listening to the learners' needs and desires during the focus group. One workshop was teaching all learners how to apply for scholarships for tertiary education, and the other was a one-week course on how to build your own business. At the end of the one-week entrepreneurship class, five groups of students created products and services to sell during their graduation ceremony, of which two groups earned R800 (USD 60)!

About the Nonprofit

LEAP is an innovative nonprofit organization that has six schools throughout South Africa and is a pioneer in providing quality education to underserved youth. They focus on Math, Science, and English, have extended school hours, and believe in developing students’ character and intellect. On average 70% students in South Africa pass their Grade 12 examinations, while 96% of LEAP Grade 12 students passed.

This was our fourth Team4Tech project with LEAP where we built upon previous Team4Tech projects' successes. Read more about the previous projects here:

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