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South Africa

Teacher Training | Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT)

April 2016

Primary Tech Day

The Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT) is a nonprofit organization that aims to bridge material and cultural divides. Amongst other initiatives, GSDT supports teachers from Makupula High School, a public high school in the Kayamandi Township, which is located near Stellenbosch and 20 miles outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Kayamandi's 35,000 residents live in an area of informal housing and historically have had low economic and educational opportunities. GSDT's goal is to help Makupula become a model school for providing high-quality education to an under-resourced community.

Volunteers from Autodesk returned to Kayamandi to build upon the 2015 teacher training that focused on increasing digital literacy to improve math scores, student engagement and collaborative problem solving skills. The training was supported by Autodesk software and 3D printers, as well as the laptop lab that was installed in 2015. Volunteers provided both group and individual instruction that assisted teachers in delivering lesson plans that seamlessly integrated technology into the classroom.

This project also aimed to strengthen community ties that were sparked as a result of the previous engagement. GSDT partners with other nonprofits, schools and universities, and the volunteers facilitated several education technology events that continued to strengthen these relationships. 

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