Teacher Training | CARE India


Teacher Training | CARE India

February - March 2017

CARE India improves girls' education in India through many programs, one of which is an innovative program called Udaan. Udaan is a residential bridge-building program for rural girls who have dropped out of primary school. The course allows 100 girls annually to cover classes 1-5 in a mere 11 months through innovative teaching methods. 

In this third project between Team4Tech and CARE India, a team of VMware participants from VMware's India offices expanded the teacher technology training to another Udaan school located in Mewat, Haryana, which is a two-hour drive from Delhi. 

Mewat is one of the most economically backward part of India where female literacy rates are one of the lowest in the country. Most of the girls come from villages where their parents' main source of income is farming, and homes have only basic amenities such as ratten beds. The community is a Muslim community that is more conservative, so most homes don't have televisions, and are more concerned about the negative effects of internet. 

Given the circumstances, the Udaan teachers were still eager to provide innovative teaching methods to their girls through the use of technology. The team of volunteers coached teachers 1 on 1 on how to integrate technology. They covered topics such as how to use the computers, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and offline educational software such as KA Lite and Pratham Books. At the end of the one week session, teachers who have never touched a computer in their life presented lessons made from PowerPoint with animations and pictures, bringing to life the curriculum for the girls. The Urdu (local language) teacher did a storytelling and reading comprehension session through the help of Pratham Book that had beautifully illustrated pictures. Lastly, the volunteers helped set up the new IT equipment and ensured the long term maintenance of the infrastructure through training their local staff.

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