Robotics & Electronics Curriculum Development | Paniamor Foundation & Ideas en Accion

Robotics & Electronics Curriculum Development l Paniamor Foundation & Ideas en Accion Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

August 2017

In August 2017, a team of five Box volunteers travelled to San Jose, Costa Rica to work with two leading youth nonprofit organizations, Paniamor Foundation and Ideas en Accion.

Both organizations received a donation from Intel called the Makernel Kit, which included a 3D printer, arduinos, raspberry pis, sensors, and robotics. However, the nonprofits didn't have the time or skills to create a curriulum for the equipment.

The Box volunteers helped train the trainers in the makerspace tools and collaborated with them on creating a curriculum focused on making. At the end of the two week workshop, the facilitators led a 3-hour making session on 3D printer, arduinos, and sensors.

We're excited that Paniamor and Ideas en Accion will use the making technology to inspire at-risk youth to solve community problems. Ultimately, improving the youth's communication, collaboration, problem solving, perseverance, design process, and technology concepts competencies. 


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