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Maker Curriculum | Orphan Impact

October 2017

Need: There are a large number of children residing in government run orphanages throughout Vietnam, and Orphan Impact works with 935 orphans.

Nonprofit Partner: Orphan Impact is a non-profit organization that runs after-school, computer-based education programs for children in 20+ government run orphanages across the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Orphan Impact currently have a teaching team of 8 lead trainers and 45 volunteer teachers who provide additional after-school, computer-based education programs for the children. Orphan Impact’s mission is to help children living in the orphanages build skills for productive employment after graduation. Their innovative student-centered environment in coding, circuitry, robotics have drastically increased the children’s engagement and interest in learning, and have helped them become more ready for work after they leave the orphanages when they turn 18.

Project Scope: Team4Tech returned to Orphan Impact for the fourth time to help build their maker curriculum, train Orphan Impact's staff on maker activities, and implement a new maker space in an orphanage. This was the fourth project Team4Tech has brought a team of technology professionals to augment Orphan Impact’s programs.

- March 2014: The first project was with VMware, where the team helped install computer labs in five new orphanages and provided teacher technology workshops on computer programming and English language.

- March 2015: The second project was with individual volunteers from Box, Facebook, Visa and they introduced Design Thinking into Orphan Impact’s teaching approach.

- March 2016: The third project was with individual volunteers from Adobe, Facebook, Pearson where they focused on building Orphan Impact’s curriculum on career building and entrepreneurship skills.

For this project in October 2017, Orphan Impact recently added maker camps and curriculum into their program, and the Pure Storage team helped Orphan Impact:

1) Develop additional maker activities that mapped to their curriculum and was useful for helping the children build skills for productive employment after graduation;

2) Collaborated with their staff on developing the maker activities and provided training to make sure the staff were comfortable teaching those activities;

3) Launched a new Maker academy in an orphanage with those activities. 

Impact: 11 Pure Storage employees + 1 MVP Health Care (Pure Storage partner) + 1 Pure Good Representation provided 1,430 hours totaling $221,650 of pro-bono work to Orphan Impact. 

6 Orphan Impact staff engaged in 42 hours of workshop on Dash & Dots, MIT App Inventor, Makey Makey, Strawbees, Microbit, Raspberry Pi, Hummingbird Kit, and Makerspace monitoring & evaluation.

Pure Storage & Team4Tech donated $15,000 to purchase 20 tablets, 20 Microbits, 20 Raspberry Pis, 20 touchscreens, 20 strawbees, 20 Makey Makeys, 12 Dash and Dots, and 2 Hummingbird Kits. 


"Wow. This whole  project changed  me  for the better. Personally and  professionally. Personally,  I'm  really proud  that I was able to compartmentalize  my  emotions in front of the children. Professionally, I think  this project really highlighted  what the Pure Values  signify in an every day sense and what it means  to live like a Puritan." - Jessie Henry, Pure Learning Specialist

“Personally: A lot of reflection and  appreciation of what I have, and what and who is important in my life. Professionally: The importance of using a mission/vision/goal to solidify and focus a team on the task at hand. Using "yes and" mindset to unleash the wisdom and power within individuals and the team. Taking time to reflect on the good  in those around us - and appreciate more what they do." - Colin Mead, VP of Worldwide Support

"It's a dream to have such an awesome group of volunteers." - Tad Kincaid, Executive Director and Founder of Orphan Impact


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