ICT to Empower Marginalized Ethnic Minority Adolescents | CARE Cambodia

For this upcoming project, a team of volunteers from Box will support the Know & Grow project of CARE Cambodia. This will be Team4Tech's third project with CARE Cambodia to leverage technology in innovative ways to improve teachers' delivery of the national curriculum. The target beneficiaries are 2,889 adolescents including 1,505 marginalized ethnic minority adolescent girls and boys from the rural province of Ratanak Kiri. The Know & Grow project aims to advance the social status of ethnic minority adolescents, especially girls through positive changes in institutional environments at the school level, social relations between males and females at all levels (e.g., schools, school support committees), and enhanced agency. Technology would support an increased efficiency of activities that promote educational attainment, equality, quality, and empowerment.

This November, Box volunteers will train IT leaders and teachers from 11 lower secondary schools in the remote province of Ratanak Kiri. The volunteers will focus on collaborative and creative educational software to advance the use of ICT in classrooms. Volunteers will expand on previous training designed to deepen teachers' digital literacy skills and increase their ability to foster 21st century skills in their students through ed tech integration in the classrooms. Furthermore, the volunteers will lead professional development sessions that will model project-based and Maker activities.