How do I prepare? How much time is needed for preparation?

Preparations begin with a team kick-off meeting about eight weeks before the project. Participants residing near San Francisco, California attend in person, and others attend by teleconference. In the weeks leading up to the project, the team has weekly teleconferences. In addition to scoping and preparation for project deliverables, these meetings are used to inform the team about logistics, working in a developing country environment, the project host, the project content, location, and culture. The team receives information about travel preparations such as safety, security and vaccinations. The training will include briefings on 21st century education methods and the technology aspects of the project. Team members will work individually and collaboratively to prepare for the project, including developing technology implementation plans and lesson plans. Work outside of the preparation meetings is required, and team members typically report spending about 30 to 60 hours of preparation time over the two to three months prior to the project.