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In partnership with Pure Storage and Orphan Impact

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In October 2017, 13 volunteers from Pure Storage traveled to Vietnam to help Orphan Impact expand their newly created maker curriculum. This was the fourth time Team4Tech has brought a team of technology professionals to augment Orphan Impact’s programs. Since our first project with them in March 2014, Orphan Impact has expanded from operating in six orphanages to 20. Orphan Impact’s mission is to help children living in state-run orphanages build skills for productive employment after graduation. Their innovative, student-centered environment in coding, circuitry, robotics has drastically increased the children’s engagement and interest in learning, and has helped them become more ready for work after they leave the orphanages when they turn 18.




Hewlett Packard Enterprise and
Pratham Education Foundation

Team 4 Tech


A team of eight volunteers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) worked with software engineers from Pratham Education Foundation in Pune, India this September. Pratham recently launched a tablet learning program, and requested help developing an educational Android application. The volunteers assisted Pratham in three key areas: improving database efficiency and reliability, providing data analysis and better insights on user behavior, and enhancing the UX design. This digital initiative will benefit two million underserved children by providing educational games and resources.




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With 2017 nearly but not quite over, we are excited to announce that we've led 13 projects in nine countries this year, employing 109 volunteers to provide 10,150 service hours. These projects have reached nearly 12,000 learners around the globe. 

Check out the photos from our recent projects!

“I see myself more confident and with more of a growth mindset. This is helping me both personally as well as professionally.”

~ Shripal, Volunteer



Video and Blogs

Watch the video summary of our collaboration with Box & Paniamor in Costa Rica in August, 2017!

Read about our Vietnam volunteers in the #PureService4Good blog!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise describes our project with Pratham in India: "Bringing Education to Rural India Through Technology"





Join us December 7th!

Team 4 Tech
As the year comes to a close, we want to thank you for your support in advancing educational opportunities for underserved students around the world. We hope you can join us for a holiday celebration at the Menlo Park home of Lila Ibrahim from 6-8pm on Thursday, December 7th to celebrate.

Please see our facebook page for more details, and contact dawn@team4tech.org with any questions.





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