Call for Nonprofit Partner Applications

We are no longer accepting new applications from prospective partners. Please check out our nonprofit resource page and stay tuned for our next call for new nonprofit partners in 2021!

Thanks for Joining our Info Sessions!

For your reference, here is a copy of the slide deck and recording of the call. Password: 4V.^7$u=

Interested organizations can also find more details here.

Nonprofit Partner Requirements

  • US 501(c)3 or equivalent certification in country of operation
  • Demonstrated track record of positive education impact
  • Alignment with Team4Tech’s mission and approach
  • Reach to at least 700 direct or indirect beneficiaries per year
  • Commitment from senior leadership and staff to project success and sustainability
  • Dedicated project manager to work with Team4Tech
  • Dedicated IT support on staff (or a plan to staff this role)
  • Ability to measure impact and meet with Team4Tech to report metrics on a regular basis
  • Plan for scale directly and through the local ecosystem
  • Ability to securely host volunteers (on-site projects)
  • Stable finances and sustainability

Application Process

    1. Complete the Expression of Interest form.
    2. Team4Tech will ask qualified nonprofits to complete a Program Proposal.
    3. Team4Tech will interview key nonprofit stakeholders and check references to evaluate whether our missions are well aligned.
    4. Team4Tech will select and inform our new nonprofit partners! The selected nonprofit organizations will be shared on Team4Tech’s project pipeline – to be matched with a corporate pro bono consulting team. Team4Tech aims to match a corporate team within 6-18 months, but occasionally it may require more time to find an optimal match.

Application Timeline

Expression of Interest

Due June 30, 2020

Nonprofit organization submits Expression of Interest to demonstrate compatibility with Team4Tech’s criteria.

Program Proposal

July 2020

Team4Tech will invite qualified nonprofits to submit a Program Proposal with project specifics.

Exploratory Interview

August 2020

After reviewing the Program Proposal, Team4Tech sets up a 1-hour call with select nonprofits to discuss project expectations and explore a potential project scope.

Reference Checks

August 2020

Team4Tech conducts reference checks with nonprofit organizations that are identified as finalists.

Partners Selected

September 2020

Team4Tech commits to partner with selected nonprofit organizations for 3-5 years. Team4Tech works with our nonprofit partners to create a pitch for our corporate partner matching pipeline.

Corporate Matching Begins

September 2020 onwards

Team4Tech matches our nonprofit partner with a corporate partner and confirms project dates. This process can take 6-18 months.