Scaling a Digital Literacy Program in Ghana with NetApp

 In 2020, Upcoming Projects

Goal: T4T is working with Worldreader to expand its selection of books and release a new app in response to lack of schooling from the effects of COVID 19.

Background: 82 percent of the world’s learners are not in school because of COVID-19. To address this urgent need, Worldreader accelerated the release of its new app for school-age children, BookSmart, which features more than a thousand free children’s books. In addition, Worldreader offered a new selection of ebooks to Opera Mini users, which is a popular browser in Africa due to its ability to reduce web page sizes and save up to 90% of mobile data.

Partner: Worldreader is a global nonprofit championing digital reading in underserved communities to create a world where everyone can be a reader. They feature an extensive selection of approximately 35,000 digital books, stories, and teaching materials in 52 languages to use for free. Their easy-to-use mobile app is designed to work on the most basic internet-enabled phone, using minimal data and loading times. Over the past 10 years, Worldreader has assisted 13.4 million readers in 47 countries.

Project: A T4T team of 10 NetApp employees will continue to accelerate Worldreader’s impact to learners worldwide by supporting their Ghana District Scale program in Kwaebibirem, Ghana. The team will advance Worldreader’s digital literacy training for teachers, develop a district digital reading policy, create a financial sustainability framework, and recommend strategic offline data collection processes. This project hopes to reach 700 teachers across 52 – 90 schools, impacting approximately 45,000 learners.


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