Providing Pathways to Break the Poverty Cycle in Cambodia with PEPY Empowering Youth

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Project Type: Virtual or On-site

When: March – May; October – December

Why: In the rural and remote communities of Cambodia, young people and their families do not see many opportunities for themselves outside of construction, agriculture, or migrating to Thailand to create income. As a result, education is not valued and drop out rates are high, causing the cycle of poverty to repeat. In the wake of COVID-19, things have only become worse as many Cambodian youth are losing their jobs due to hotels and tourism agencies closing indefinitely.

Who: PEPY Empowering Youth is a nonprofit organization run by Cambodians, for Cambodians that works with local high school teachers to provide pathways to higher education and to connect rural youth to sustainable employment opportunities. They see addressing the education gap as the most effective way to improve communities, increase safety, and break the cycle of poverty.

What: PEPY Empowering Youth is interested in leveraging a team of volunteers to:

  • Support the creation of an ICT curriculum and coding club through the mentorship of their lead ICT teacher
  • Support the gathering or development of training materials for PEPY’s Future is Bright Lab that will enable students to access the lessons and self-study various subjects and enhance their IT skills. 
  • Create a training for staff that covers one or more of their administrative and teaching needs: primarily focused on web development and design, video editing, and photo editing.

Impact: PEPY Empowering Youth currently supports over 1,000 students per year and are looking forward to the launch of their Future is Bright Lab to continue supporting current and former students.

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