Piloting Maker Spaces in South Africa Township Schools with Pure Storage

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The Challenge

In South Africa, the education system is estimated to produce just one university graduate for every 100 children who start Grade 1.  Youth unemployment rate is close to 50% and 8.3 million South Africans (15% of the total population) live on USD 1.90 a day.

LEAP Science and Maths School and their Innovation

LEAP Science and Maths Schools has six schools from Grades 8 – 12, and provides high quality, low-fee education to underserved youth living in the townships of South Africa.  All LEAP learners study Maths, Science, and English, have extended school days, and build self-confidence through a class called Life Orientation.

This approach have resulted in an average 94% of LEAP students passing their Grade 12 final examinations (compared to a 76% national average), and 81% of LEAP graduates qualifying for higher education (compared to a national average of less than 12% for students from townships and rural areas).

Team4Tech’s Project

Team4Tech volunteers from Pure Storage will collaborate with LEAP 3 School, located in Alexandra Township, near Johannesburg. They will provide assistance on IT infrastructure set-up, provide training to teachers on software they can utilize in their classrooms, and pilot a maker lab with maker activities. Team4Tech volunteers will gather the learnings from the previous projects and develop a framework and provide virtual training to enable teachers from all six schools to collaborate and share their lesson plans.



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