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Founded in 1985, Fundación Paraguaya (FP) is a self‐sufficient, nonprofit, social enterprise spearheading microfinance and entrepreneurship in Paraguay. FP develops and implements practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to eliminate poverty, creating decent conditions for all families. The program, Poverty Stoplight, is a new poverty measurement tool and coaching methodology that assists families to self-diagnose their level of multidimensional poverty and develop customized plans to eliminate poverty. This new metric is now being implemented in 24 countries. To learn more, you can watch a video here.

FP hopes to reach 1 million families with their Poverty Stoplight program by 2021. FP has already reached 80,000 families through 261 organizations in 24 countries. In order to scale, FP must digitalize the survey that families take to participate in the program, a project that requires advanced tech skills among FP staff, tech literacy among program participants, and app development to build out the Poverty Stoplight platform.

To implement this, FP works with Penguin Academy, a nonprofit in Paraguay, to create a boot camp to grow technology skills in the organization and community and drive employment for skilled workers in Paraguay. The boot camp received 350 applications for its first cohort of 25 students and plans to offer one boot camp per month going forward. FP is the institutional partner, and Penguin Academy is the operative partner.

From May 19 – 25, 2019, FP would like the Team4Tech Twilio team to engage FP staff, partner nonprofit organizations, boot camp instructors, and boot camp students on technology and design workshops. Specifically, the team will provide:

  • Curriculum Development: Develop a comprehensive technology boot camp curriculum, including resources and activities in coding, human-centered design, IoT, computational thinking, and physical computing.
  • Partnership Strategy: Create a partnership strategy to engage major Paraguayan companies as mentors to FP participants, providing internship and employment opportunities and promoting the tech industry in Paraguay
  • Design Thinking Workshops: Train FP staff in design thinking, growth mindset, and agile methodologies to improve the team’s operational efficiency, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

The Team4Tech collaboration will improve the quality of education offered by the Penguin Academy boot camps by offering a wider selection of courses and a greater depth of topics. This will increase opportunities for boot camp participants to get employed by local and foreign companies.

Penguin Academy aims to complete 10 boot camps in 2019 for the general public, each with 25 participants. This will result in 250 people advancing their technical skills and will greatly benefit the current technology ecosystem in Asuncion, providing a pool of talent from which Poverty Stoplight can continue to recruit.

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