Accelerating Student Development in Low-Income Communities with Rocketship Education

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Project Type: Virtual

Why: The quality of public education in the United States today still depends on where you live and how much money your parents earn. As income inequality continues to worsen in the US, educational opportunities for low-income students remain inadequate. Research has shown that social class is the number one predictor of a student’s educational success, and that these gaps that form early on in life have significant lasting consequences.

Who: Rocketship catalyzes transformative change in low-income communities through a scalable and sustainable charter school model that propels student achievement, develops exceptional educators, and partners with parents who enable high-quality public schools to thrive in their community. Their charter schools are built upon three pillars: personalized learning, talent development, and parent power.

What: Rocketship would like to keep up with their evolving methods of teaching and adopt AI services to support the automation of routine tasks and complex decision-making processes. Rocketship is interested in leveraging a team of volunteers to: 

  • Support the implementation of an SSO solution to automate accounts, tools, etc. and to enable aggregate data systems
  • Provide Cybersecurity PD for staff
  • Provide Azure expertise, support, and implementation as well as advice on Azure AI
  • Support the implementation of a unified help desk across the organizational units (HR, finance, IT, etc)
  • Create an interactive toolkit of technology solutions across each school

Impact: Rocketship schools serve 20,000 students around the nation. On average, their alumni score a year above their classmates in language arts and math.

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