Bringing education to rural India through technology

In September, 8 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) employee volunteers traveled to Pune, India, as part of the HPE Leadership Through Service program. Their mission: to enhance a digital platform that will improve provide educational opportunities to 6 million underprivileged children.

By Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
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Day 11 - Team4Tech/Orphan Impact

Sunday marked the end of our Mekong Delta mission and the start of our six-hour bus ride back to Ho Chi Minh City. With six hours to spare, Dawn our Team4Tech lead got us to reflect on our trip and have every person say a few positive personality traits to each volunteer and Orphan Impact staff. 
So with that in mind I thought I would introduce you to our full team and how each individual has stood out in my mind, a snippet from the reflection we shared…and boy oh boy we have an amazing team…
By Josh Impey, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 9 – Such a wonderful day!

Today we changed the schedule slightly by doing the Raspberry Pi in the morning and preparing the lessons for the children with the Orphan Impact staff in the afternoon. In the evening, the entire team went to Khai Tri orphanage and conducted four maker classes with the older kids at the orphanage.

By Tuan Nguyen, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 8 - Floating market then onto Long Xuyen

An afternoon of assessment instruction followed at the orphanage.  Inquisitive children peeping through doorways, gaining more confidence with each returned smile.  Steadily inching further forward until they were in full view, any nervousness or trepidation ebbing away.

By Alexandra Gartrell and Carol Chan, Pure Storage volunteers for Orphan Impact project
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Day 7 - There is wisdom to be found in play

Good things can be found where you least expect them - After an early checkout in the morning in Ho Chi Minh City, our team of volunteers along with the Orphan Impact staff boarded a bus bound for Cần Thơ and the Mekong Delta for our day of relaxation and sight seeing.  We quickly left the city behind and made our way into the countryside.  Rice paddies with a smattering of banana and coconut trees dominated the scenery. 

By Dennis Skinner, MVP Health Care volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 6 - MIT App Inventor & Microbits

Starting our sixth day in Vietnam we were blessed with an amazing Vietnamese breakfast which gave us energy for a productive day with Team4tech and the Orphan Impact team!  
The morning was brightened even more when Brett (our videographer) announced he would present the video he’s been tirelessly working on! The video was a flash back to our trip so far. Seeing the kids and staff bright faces on the video really showed the impact we are having on this project.
By Brent Reichert, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 5 - Dash & Dot and Hummingbird Kit Workshops

Noisier than the 19 children in Saturday’s Strawbees and Makey Makey class, let the robot wars commence.  The dash robots, communicating with each other, chasing each other around the classroom floor, hot potato (with dot) taking everyone back to the school playground, followed by a programming session that frustrated and elated in equal measures.   The facilitators programmed the dash robots to follow a path in a maze and to celebrate – dancing and flashing disco lights - when they completed their task.

By Alexandra Gartrell, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 4: Workshop

Our fourth day in Vietnam were packed with teaching materials provided by the Strawbees and Makey Makey sub-team.

After a long day, with intense concentration in the Strawbees and Makey Makey workshop, both Orphan Impact and Pure Storage team topped off the night with a fun and relaxing evening activity.  We all went to “Phong Tra”.  Phong Tra is a place where Vietnamese unwind and watch live performance with live performance of Vietnamese love songs.  After a few drinks and listening to some marvelous Vietnamese love songs, the stress on the face of each team member seemed to dissapear. 

By Toan Chau, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 3: Meeting the Children

Our third day in Vietnam was met with great excitement from our team; today, we would meet the children from the Linh Xuan orphanage!

After a quick couple of hours setting up our team Maker Spaces, we climbed into a bus and made our way 30 minutes outside of Ho Chi Minh City center to the Linh Xuan orphanage.  Upon arrival, our Team4Tech team and the Orphan Impact facilitators were met by the orphanage staff and ushered to an upstairs classroom to join an Orphan Impact led teaching session with some of the children from the orphanage.  What an incredible moment it was!

By Jessie Henry, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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Day 2: Orientation Workshops in Vietnam

After a great team dinner to send us off to a jet lag fueled sleep, the next day dawned bright and early for us. Today is our first day meeting the Orphan Impact team and seeing their office in Ho Chi Minh City.

By Kathy Zindel, Pure Storage volunteer for Orphan Impact project
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