“Wildly unique training program – working with teams, solving problems.  Can’t imagine any other training program like it.” - Melina McLarty, VMware volunteer
"You are not waiting for people to come to you, but you are going to find those who need your technology." - James Mathenge, World Vision Tanzania
"You have shown us the way towards improving education with technology." - Nengarivo Teveli, World Vision Tanzania
"It’s amazing how much we can accomplish with so little." - June Weaver, Intuit volunteer
"An unforgettable life experience guided by exceptional leaders and mentors." - Barbara Nicewonger, Intel volunteer
"After just spending two weeks at one school, some of the children began to envision themselves as doctors and engineer." - John Cartwright, Intel volunteer
"We are going back as more learned people, we are shedding the analog of ourselves, and becoming digital." - Teachers at the Karibu Center, Kenya
"Some of us have encountered the computer for the first time. We have let go of the phobia of the computer." - Teachers at the Karibu Center, Kenya
Team4Tech is an opportunity to "see the work that you do applied to a purpose that is greater than the product." - Naveen Musinipally, Intel volunteer
"The laughs, the sheer joy of learning computer skills, group hugs, high fives, & singing..." - Reema Mukherjee, VMware volunteer
"Not only have I made a lasting impact on their lives, they have also made a profound impact on mine." - John Cartwright, Intel volunteer
"The tech volunteers listened to our hopes and helped them become reality." - Jorie Kincaid, Orphans Overseas Executive Director
"How fast they learn, how joyfully..." - Ronny Weinberger, Intel volunteer
"We were a part of something very special." - Ahmed Dawson, Intel volunteer

Team4Tech™ is a community of technology professionals dedicated to improving the quality of education around the world. Read on to learn how you can volunteer, donate, or nominate a project.

Find out how your company can get involved, and how you can have the experience of a lifetime.

Contribute to an education technology project that’s changing lives for students and teachers.

Suggest a project or nonprofit organization that you think could benefit from Team4Tech's support.

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